Tomato – Tomatoproducts

Tomato – Tomatoproducts

The tomato which really is a berry, but is looked upon as versatile vegetable by many. It plays an important role in many cuisines. We import a broad spectrum of tomatoes and tomatoproducts from Europe and Asia, which again enables us to supply to the majority of the applications you may require. Our producers are class leading on quality, technology and innovation.

Our tomatoproducers are all BRC-, some also ISO 9001-, ISO 22000-, IFS- and organic-sertified.


Chopped tomatoes (Aseptic)
Diced tomatoes (IQF)
Tomatopuré (Aseptic)
Grilled tomato
Ovendried tomatoes
Ovendried marinated tomato
– candied tomato
Sundried tomato
Tomatojuice (Frozen/Aseptic)


Europe & Asia